Thursday, January 10, 2008

How To Teach Kids To Sew!

Welcome everyone! I am a homeschooling mom of two wonderful daughters who are currently 5 and 6. While searching for things to add to their day that would excite them and also help motivate them to get their schoolwork done in a timely fashion, I came across the idea of teaching them how to sew. I love to sew and they are always extremely interested in what I am doing while I am sewing.

The results have been fantastic! Yes, I was a little worried about letting them at that young of an age run a sewing machine but I found a great program called, Kids Can Sew, which advertises that kids as as young as 6 can learn how to sew. So, I went ahead and ordered their curriculum and it really is as easy as they said it would be. And better yet, my girls love it!!

We just started their "classes" at the beginning of the new year and they are so excited. I'm not sure if their excitement level will continue as it has been or whether it will wane a little as it becomes less new but we will continue for as long as they want.

The course starts out with you teaching the students the safety do's and don'ts of sewing, and having them practice running the machine first on paper and then on scrap material. And then you jump in and start making a drawstring bag, they are learning just how much time and effort go into truly making something and they are still loving it.

The Kids Can Sew course is set up so that you can actually teach other children to sew and earn some extra income as well. At this time we, my family and I, just have way too much going on to make that an option for us, but it seems like a truly worthwhile venture that I might try out in a few years. We will have to wait and see how life is going at that time!

I will include pictures and details about our journey in learning how to sew!