Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Some Rules For Kids When Sewing

When you begin to teach kids how to sew it is necessary to have a clear set of rules or do's and don'ts in place, for the safety of the children as well as making things run smoother.

I like that with the Kids Can Sew curriculum includes a poster of sewing do's and don'ts that you post in the sewing classroom. Whether your classroom is just an extension of your dining room or living room, a whole separate room, or a small corner at your local fabric store, going over the rules is a must for the first lesson.
You can see my daughter showing off the sewing do's and don'ts poster where we have it hanging in our living room. After talking about the rules at our first "class" and reviewing them at the second, the girls now know all the rules and follow them to the letter.
No matter if you are only teaching your own children, like me or whether you are teaching other people's children, safety is the key to a good time. After all, no one can have fun if they are hurt by a careless accident!

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